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Here Are 13 Awesome Things To Do With All of Those Photos You Take With Your iPhone. Kamaila Sanders. Feb. 26, , PM. steve wozniak iphone 4S.

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Discovering Instagram in was so liberating because I could do everything is symmetrical and level, so I'll shoot with the camera's grid.

Gifts for iPhone photographers: holiday guide. Leanna Lofte. 9 Dec The new adjustable grip fits all iPhones with or without a case.

Before I got my iPhone I had a Nokia phone with a pretty good camera on it First of all the best thing about phone photos over fancy DSLR shots is quite purely and . /.

A Guest Post by Misho Baranovic – author of our new iPhone Photography eBook. The photographers are from all corners of the world and span different styles including: .. This album highlights my iPhonography journey for

Master taking pictures with your Iphone with all the latest tools the camera has, including using the top editing apps.

Use these 7 tips to click your iPhone photography up a notch! When you shoot right in IG, you have to fiddle around, delete that one, and start all over.

7 new iPhone photography apps that you should download now. by Nancy Messieh — Mar 3, in Apps Fuzel is impressive on all counts – from its wide variety of features to its easy-to-use and gorgeous UI – so if you're serious about. About Blog The show all about iPhone photography. Frequency about 3 posts per month. Since Jan Website Facebook. iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) is the first and the longest running iPhone photography competition since

The photo you see above is from Julio Lucas, who was named IPPAWARDS Photographer of the Year. It was taken at Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina.

Just because you don't have your DSLR with you 24/7, or you don't even own a DSLR at all, doesn't mean you can't take great pictures. There are many iPhone camera apps out there. Find out what Here, Rosario Dawson snaps a self portrait at an event in Germany in January © Photography, at the time, was a scientific development, or, During this first moment, all of this knowledge was needed .. by Facebook for a reported $1 billion in

6 Tips for Taking Better Macro Photos with the iPhone Camera. Oct 7, - 11 Comments All you need to do is tap and hold on the screen until the little “ AE/AF Lock” message appears, then you know it's active and the focus is locked in. Erin Brooks: Erin is a photographer who uses her iPhone for almost all of her photos — from capturing the picture to My son was born in February of The 7 best iPhone photography apps of all time Launched as VSCO Cam in , VSCO quickly set itself apart with its carefully crafted.

From apps to tutorials, everything you need to know to take your iPhone photography to the next level. Learn about iPhoneography, techniques, and photo.

Published Oct 31, | Lauren Crabbe I use Camera+ every day as my primary iPhone photography tool. . All photos (it will take up to 1, in one go) save in-app so you can review them and import only the best ones to your photo .

Photo ©, Steven Sande) It's almost here — that time of year when we That means forgoing the picture of the entire clan all in matching tacky To avoid missing a that perfect photo, consider using the iPhone Camera.

3 days ago Get expert tips and advice for taking pictures with your iPhone with this how-to photo gallery from National Geographic. How to take sharp, well lit and low noise photos at night with your iPhone camera . iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks: How to Take Great Pictures with Your iPhone Publication Date: November 18, ; Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC . to using an iPhone, then this would be a very useful guide as it does give all.

iPhone owners should have these tools in their photography bags. of seconds, it takes amazing photos, and I can edit and share those photos all from the same device. Then at CES , I was introduced to the Olloclip. We are new to using our iPhone for photographs. Loving Each of them has their benefits and we've been using them all for different occasions. The one draw back we . By Reena @ Wanderplex December 13, - pm. Very cool. The Olympics is all about the gear for many photographers. Multiple DSLR bodies, big mm lenses and remote cameras attached to.

If you're looking to clean up your iPhone's photo stash (or your iPad or iPod If you want to delete images from all of the Apple gadgets you own, . such as “ Show me photos from ” to quickly navigate to older images. (high dynamic range) option to the iPhone's built-in Camera app. some iPhone photographers might choose to leave the setting on all the. Updated PM ET, Fri September 28, iPhone photographer Richard Koci Hernandez shares 12 tips; Filters don't substitute for It's all about the light.

Facebook has introduced a new feature for iPhone, iPad and Android users which means you can automatically sync 03 Dec 34 Facebook, Privacy Now, all photos – good and bad – will be available to Facebook.

You'd think the Olympics would prove the perfect opportunity for taken with his iPhone, covering everything from fast-paced action on the field to Most of the pictures used an iPhone 4S — "the snapshot camera of.

They have their photographic brains switched on all the time, looking for possibilities. At the last count (September ), Instagram, the largest dedicated all types of camera – is the iPhone 4S, just ahead of the iPhone 4. The most popular camera isn't a camera at all-it's the iPhone. the most popular camera used on the photo-sharing site Flickr since about , ousting even. It does all the work in the background. This is one of the camera apps you will definitely want on your homepage, or in the dock of your iPhone.

If you are using iCloud Photo Library on a Mac as well as your iPhone, you can delete all your photos (from all iCloud connected devices) a bit. She processed everything using Instagram as well. The couple, Jonathan Her main camera was the iPhone 4s with an iPhone 4 as a backup. She did use an Aaron Stanley David Stephen Kalonick - September 14, The birthplace of photography plays host to a Parisian show of mobile phone photographs. 28, Email; Share; Tweet; Save; More. As the birthplace of What's more, not all of the artwork in the exhibition are simple photographs. to edit the images she takes with her iPhone (Slides 1, 6 and 11).

In he ditched the DSLR and switched to iPhone photography and had never looked long exposures or get low noise photos at night, all using an iPhone.

iPhoneography is the act of creating photos with an iPhone, where the images have been both The first generation of iPhone was only equipped with a fixed- focus camera with no optical zoom or flash. As it evolved into the iPhone Archived at the Wayback Machine; ^ Roberts, Stephanie (). The Art of.

(iPhone photo by David Hume Kennerly.) taken since , and fans and friends marvel at his regular photo updates from all over the world.

The Art of iPhone Photography: Creating Great Photos and Art on Your iPhone: Also in , Bob's work was exhibited at the Orange County Center for Now why anyone would want to do all the fiddly work on an iPhone when you could.

The iPhone 7 may be taking all the headlines, but there is another earlier this year using the old iPhone 5/5S chassis first introduced in . With 16GB all but useless given the iPhone SE's advanced camera and 4K.

Want to take amazing photos from your iPhone's camera? 23 Nov Of all the smartphone cameras though, the iPhone is by far the most popular and the most used phone camera in the world, topping the usage lists of.

April 24, , PM PDT. Ben Lowy But my niece uses it all the time and loves it. I guess it's a Being a photographer and since the iPhone came out I've been taking a lot of photos on the phone. It's always with me and.

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