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Junaio was an Augmented Reality browser designed for 3G and 4G mobile devices. It was developed by Munich-based company Metaio GmbH. It provided a Creator application and an API for developers and content. Download the 3☆ Junaio Augmented Reality at Aptoide now! ✓ Virus and Download similar apps to Junaio Augmented Reality. flightstats icon. A hole world of contents is waiting for you with this app of augmented reality. Alternativas a Junaio for Android. Discover a lot of interesting places and discounts through augmented reality.

By now we've all seen augmented reality in action, and while a good chunk of the iPhone-wielding public have download an AR app only to dismiss it as a. Today, metaio relaunched their website for their mobile social browser called junaio and made the app available in Apple's AppStore. Metaio Inc. has come up with one of the most unique browsers of modern era that works superbly on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Junaio Augmented Reality.

I'll admit (and I've said this before) that while there are some great AR content choices in the app — like the Instagram channel where you can. AR browser Junaio relaunches with a new look, feel and API, The new version of Junaio is available for free in the Apple App Store and. metaio has released version of its junaio Augmented Reality (AR) application for the iPhone. The new version has enhanced live-view functionalities, new.

This will allow location based content (like Geo Layers) to be viewed on any of three AR browser platforms – The Layar App, Metaio's junaio browser and the. They made it: metaio, Inc. is proud to announce that junaio - the world's first social augmented reality platform is now available in the App Store. If you were one of Metaio's ,+ developers, a Junaio's user, or an Augment is the world's best rated augmented reality app and platform.

Remember Metaio? Back in February we reported on the company's rather neat brand of markerless augmented reality, and now it has some.

With the Valpak coupons on the junaio app, consumers don't wait to receive coupons, the geo-location coupons are available whenever they.

Download the Free junaio AR Browser App for iPhone | Augmented Reality - junaio your mobile companion. Junaio - Top 15 Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone and iPad | PCWorld. Junaio - a augmented reality browser that lets user view AR enabled images. AR Circuits - Augmented Reality Electric Circuit Kit on the App Store. Find this.

junaio. K likes. junaio, the world's most advanced Augmented Reality Browser , growing daily with interesting content relevant to your location or to. Try it Yourself Download Junaio (app store, android market) Search for Junaio Run Junaio To try Glue channels Download the. For Vuforia, you can use Cloud Reco to get a location API of your choosing. Junaio and Vuforia do the same thing, so I don't see the point in merging both.

Application: Junaio. What it is: Junaio is an augmented reality browser application for the iPhone, currently the iPhone is the only available.

; On the Android App; due to device limitations: junaio is disabled on devices which use ARM 6.

Start-up Metaio says it's working on an iPad 2 version of its Junaio augmented- reality browser, and has published a video showing the. Check out the daily app ranking, rank history, ratings, features and reviews of top apps like Junaio Augmented Reality Browser on iOS Store. Oktoberfest Junaio Augmented Reality Channel by Jens Fakesch and Maximilian Hackenschmied lets you experience the history of the.

Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Create amazing mobile augmented reality apps with junaio, Layar, and Wikitude! Professional Augmented Reality. One of the very first browser apps for 3G and 4G smartphones was Junaio developed by the German AR giant Metaio that has been working in. augmented city: realtime AR demo with junaio app. 0. a video by metaio and ARM digital visualizer producers demonstrates the.

That's it for Junaio then.: (Are there any good alternatives? An easy to install app for the users and a way to generate 3D content placed.

Install Junaio-App and scan this post card on our booth D07 in hall 15 at #HM13 This media may contain sensitive. Taking advantage of the new developer tools in iOS4 for interactive experiences Metaio have updated their Junaio augmented reality app with. Metaio, the company behind augmented-reality app Junaio, has partnered with the iconic NYC nightlife rag TimeOut New York (TONY) to point users toward hot .

Augmented reality allows overlaying information available on the card with additional materials e.g. short introductory videos and supporting links. JUNAIO APP.

According to Valpak, the junaio application uses augmented reality, which combines real and virtual, making the experience interactive and 3D for consumers.

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