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The story of Vito Russo, founding father of the gay liberation movement, author of "The HBO's Lgbt History: The Celluloid Closet () & Vito () Photos. Vito Russo in Vito () .. A powerful documentary that educates and inspires. Vito is a documentary produced and directed by Jeffrey Schwarz of the Los Maryland Film Festival, and made its television debut on HBO in July, The HBO film “Vito” profiles Vito Russo, center, the gay activist and author of “The Celluloid Closet,” who died in After watching “Vito,” a documentary about Vito Russo on Monday night on HBO, you might be tempted to think, “Wow, that was an amazingly full.

On June 27, , a police raid on a Greenwich Village gay bar took a surprising turn when patrons decided it was time to fight back. As a riot. VITO paints a galvanizing portrait of this outspoken activist in the LGBTQ community's 'Vito' is a brilliant documentary about a gay film scholar and activist. HBO DOCUMENTARY FILMS. 9/21/ PAGE 2. 9. INTERVIEW. Vito Russo won't have to grow up the way we did. ;12 ;20 ; 10 Vito.

After a successful early run on the festival circuit, Vito will premiere this coming Monday evening on HBO, giving millions of viewers a chance to.

Gay Activist Vito Russo from the documentary “Vito”. It takes someone who really knows the material and has a true passion for the subject.

In the aftermath of Stonewall, a newly politicized Vito Russo found his voice as a gay Brilliant subject for the HBO documentary treatment.

I'm traveling today and didn't have time to do a longer review in advance of Vito, HBO's documentary about the film scholar and gay rights.

Vito Russo. NYC., Digital ID , New York Public LibraryTonight at 9pm, HBO will premiere Jeffrey Schwarz's new documentary VITO. Activist Vito Russo. PHOTO COURTESY RICK GERHARTER / HBO DOCUMENTARY FILMS. BY TIM LOUIS MACALUSO. Vito Russo is not a. by Christina Raquel, Monday, 27 May VITO, an HBO documentary film about the life of gay activist Vito Russo, is now available on DVD. More at: GLAAD.

Jeffrey Schwarz's moving documentary, “Vito,” about gay rights activist and film historian Vito Russo airing on HBO on Monday night, is a study.

The Peabody-Winning HBO Documentary. —-. “It's real important that right now, whether I live or whether I die, that I fight.” — Vito Russo. That's the tagline for the latest entry in the HBO Documentary Film series. It's called Vito and based on the life of Vito Russo, an activist who. The name Vito Russo might be unfamiliar to the newest generation, but an HBO documentary airing tonight explains why he's so important to.

“Vito,'' an HBO documentary, chronicles the life of Vito Russo (above), an outspoken activist in the gay-rights movement who died in HBO DOCUMENTARY Vito Russo stood at the front of every gay rights movement of the past generation, and is best known for his work preserving the cinematic. I talked with director Jeffrey Schwarz about his brilliant new HBO documentary Vito, which truly honors Russo's memory, his sacrifice, and his d.

, English, Video, Captioned edition: Vito / HBO Documentary Films presents ; an Automat Pictures production ; produced and directed by Jeffrey Schwarz. Powerful trailer for HBO Documentaries “Vito” re: Vito Russo, one of the founding fathers of gay liberation movement. The spot features “Complexity” (Trk 2) off. HBO Documentary - "Vito". A documentary about the life of Vito Russo is currently airing on HBO. Vito Russo (July 11, – November 7.

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